Great Mazinger Infinity


Great Mazinger Infinity Metalbuild

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Great Mazinger Infinity Metalbuild

Product specification
Overall height: about 200 mm
Material: ABS, PVC, made by die casting
Set contents
Main body
Replacement wrist left 3 kinds right 4 kinds
Brain Condor 2 types
Scramble dash
Great booster
Drill Pressure Punch Upper Arm Futapatsu × 2
Drill pressure punch × 2
Great boomerang
Back spin kick × 2
Knee Impulse Kick × 2
Mazinger blade × 2
Drill pressure punch effect parts × 2
Vernier effect parts × 2
Vernier effect parts (small)
Chest replacement parts
Calf vertical tail wing (left and right)
Dedicated pedestal
A set of pillars
Complete set of display joint parts

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Data sheet

Warning! Not suitable for persons under the age of 14.