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Star Wars Destiny - Starter Set Kylo Ren ITA


Kylo Ren Starter Set Italian language

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The Kylo Ren Starter Set contains 9 dice and 24 baddie cards from the saga with which to start playing this fun dice game from the galaxy far away.

Star Wars Destiny is a collectible dice and card game that will allow you to immerse yourself in the iconic Star Wars saga, taking you into battle with characters from all trilogies old and new!

To defeat your opponent you will have to build a deck of 30 cards and match them with the relative dice that will make up your resource pool. By rolling the dice, you will have access to a series of actions that you can take advantage of to gain an advantage over your opponent, playing new cards, attacking him or claiming some territory. However, only a careful and measured construction of your deck will allow you to manage all the possible situations that fate will decide to put in front of you.

Star Wars Destiny: Starter Set - Kylo Ren is a board game of cards and dice published by Asmodee Italia.

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